General Commerce


We import both used and brand new automobiles as well as house hold and office equipment  from either parts of the continent mostly USA, Turkey, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Japan and The Netherlands; into the Republic of Cameroon

We ship merchandise every quarter of the year and our supplies are usually either on demand of our clients who place an order or to simply display merchandise in our warehouses which are located in Douala, Yaounde, Limbe, and Bamenda in the Republic of Cameroon.

Our targeted clientele includes whole sale dealerships in used cars, trucks and household or industrial equipment. We further provide rental space for potential clients who may desire to ship their merchandise though our containers from the above mentioned countries of our business interest into Cameroon.

Transporting Automobiles to our warehouse in USA for shipment to Cameroon.


We are a major distributor of MEDCEM CEMENT (  in the South West Region of Cameroon.

MEDCEM is a Turkish owned company currently producing cement in Cameroon. Their main factory plant is located in Yassa - Douala in Cameroon.

We also Distribute Dangote Cement, Rods, plywood, zincs, nails, paint and plumbering materials to clients with specific need.

Our main distribution points are located opposite the Limbe Botanic Gardens in Limbe, besides Blessing Petrol Station in Bonadikombo Mile 4 – Limbe, Tiko Road Mutengene in the SW Region of Cameroon.

We have recently set up a distribution branch in Ntarikon - Bamenda in the NW Region precisely at Che’s street.

We also offer delivery after purchase services to construction sites of our clients depending on the purchased quantity.


Offloading MEDCEM Cement at our Warehouse in Limbe-Cameroon.


We run whole sale and retail of liquor distribution deports in the cities of Limbe and Bamenda in the Republic of Cameroon. The distribution of liquor products are done through our brand named (7-Eleven). We currently distribute Brasseries, Guinness, UCB and other liquor products like soft, plastic and canned drinks including mineral water. Our distribution vans and tricycles   usually deliver liquor products upon demand from our clients.





We offer car rental services in the South West; North West; Centre and Littoral Regions of Cameroon. We provide airport shuttle services as well as regular transportation.

All our cars are equipped with inbuilt wifi to facilitate internet surfing for our clients. Further information on our car rental services can be obtained from our contact below.