Our Multi Media department runs a Bilingual Bi Monthly Newspaper Magazine called THE INFO. This 16 page news outlet is classified to publish Major Headlines, Editorial Opinion, Societal Issues, Foreign Info, Info en Français, Business Info, Legal Info, Health Info, Beauty Tips, Job Opportunities, Entertainment Info, IT Info, Sports Info and Adverts.

Though at its 56th Edition, The Info has got over 1000 subscribers who are delivered their required number of copies of each edition at their desired location.

The Subscription method has made things easier both for us and our readers especially as our subscription prices are affordable.

The Info’s  readership so far covers four regions around the National Triangle of Cameroon namely, the South West Region, North West Region, Littoral Region, Centre Region as well as Online Subscribers who consume our products from overseas.

We provide columns for French Articles for our Francophone readers who may not yet be familiar with the Queens language.

Apart from News reporting, our targeted clientele for the “INFO” bi-monthly publication also includes business men and institutions who desire to expose their businesses and ADVERTS to our readership.

Our Advertorial Rates are incredibly affordable as we stand unique in our color print type which gives our readers a more visibly realistic view of the prevailing adverts.

Our editorial policy is neutral as we praise that which is good, condemn that which is unfair, without fear, favour, bias nor prejudice.

Further information on The Info Newspaper can be obtained through our email address (

We also working to setup other news outlets like The Info TV; The Info Radio and The Info Marketing.

The Info Newspaper

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